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Banana is a community of diverse fashion creativity. The fashion crowdfunding platform empowers creators and brands with the tools and partners they need to design and sell their own unique fashion products. Through the preorder model, only designs with proven demand will get made. On Banana, shoppers can back and purchase unique fashion, supporting independent creatives from around the world.

Together, let's champion a low-waste fashion future.

Our Mission

Empowering fashion entrepreneurs 🌈

Banana supports product development, production, warehousing and logistics so creators can get on with what they do best — being creative.

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Championing Creative Expression

Support your favourite creators 🙌

Many creators struggle to launch and continue running their fashion brands due to the initial cost of bulk inventory.

That’s why, when you preorder with Banana, you’re not only investing in a piece of clothing that’s wholly unique, you’re also supporting a creator to put their best creations out into the world.

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Discovery Platform

Preorder extraordinary designs ✨

In our destination marketplace, you can support your favourite creators, discover new fashion, and bring products you love to life by pledging your order and helping products reach their minimum order quantity goals.

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A low-waste fashion future 🌍

Overproduction is a major fashion industry problem leading to excessive discounting, waste and piles of garments ending up in landfills. Our solution is the preorder model, where we support creators to produce only what they have already sold.

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Our values 🤝

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    Empower Creative Expression

    Making fashion design and selling accessible to anyone with a creative idea.
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    Low-waste Fashion Future

    Championing a low-waste fashion future by only producing what is sold.
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    Responsible Production

    Improving the fashion industry for creators, workers, customers and our planet.
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    Global From Day One

    Embracing a world without borders - our team, creators, producers, and customers converge from every corner of the globe.
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    Unified Inclusive Team

    Fostering an inclusive culture of open communication paired with a results-driven and solution-oriented mindset.
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We are hiring! 🆕

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to disrupt an entire industry and make a real impact on real people?

We are building a lively online creator marketplace that will tackle the big problems of the fashion industry - gatekeeping, barriers of entry, sustainability, pollution - while making the creative process engaging and joyful for creators and producers.

If this excites you - join our mission!