The world’s first fashion dedicated crowdfunding platform 💡

Banana empowers creators with the tools and partners they need to design and sell their own unique fashion products via preorder campaigns. This allows customer to discover and purchase unique fashion and support talented creatives from around the world.

Working on a Banana Story? 🗺️

Members of the press can email to contact us for more details.

Only media inquiries will receive a response. If you’re a creator or customer and have a question about your order please visit our contact page. For styling and product questions related to a specific brand or product, please contact a creator directly through a brand or product page.

Press FAQ

Banana was conceptualised by a love of fashion but not for its traditional culture of waste. By allowing creators to easily design and launch pre-order campaigns for their designs and only produce what’s sold, we’re all working together to champion a low-waste fashion future, while lowering the barrier of entry to designing and launching fashion products.

There could be infinite number of campaigns live on Banana at any given moment. Each campaign is independently created and crafted by the creators, who have complete creative control and responsibility over their brands and products. They spend weeks building their brand, sampling closely with their chosen producers, shooting content for their garments, and when they're ready, launch their creation as a campaign to the community.

Every campaign has its MOQ to meet in order to go into production. If people like the item, they can place a pre-order. Once the MOQ is met, the item will be made into reality and sent out to the backers. Backers are only charged when their pre-order goes into production. Campaigns that don't meet the MOQ before the deadline will expire, and noone will be charged or commissioned.

When a campaign is successful, Banana takes a 10% transaction fee from the creator. If the campaign does not reach its MOQ, there are no fees.

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