Learn about our recommended best-in-class producers.

  • Fashion Enter

    Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is an award-winning social enterprise which is a centre of ethical garment manufacturing with a leading status in the Fast Forward audit and is also SMETA audited.

  • Huzhou Worldbest

    Huzhou WB is one of the oldest suppliers of cofounder Luke's, in his earlier ventures. Located in the hub of "Silk Town", Huzhou has a 4,700-year history of silk making. Founded in 1992, Huzhou WB is known to hire locally so workers can stay close to their roots and their families. Traditionally, most factory workers live on the premise as home could be provinces away.

  • Knitup

    Knitup is the one-stop shop from design to on-demand knitwear apparel manufacturing solutions that deliver the ultimate customization experience through its digital service platform. With proprietary manufacturing technology, Knitup compresses traditional product development timelines, eliminates over-production, and creates a quick and waste-free cycle, at no MOQ and a production lead-time of just 3 weeks.

  • Leverstyle

    Leverstyle is the one-stop-shop apparel supply partner that empowers their clients to nimbly adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Leading the industry in product range, lead time and order size versatility, clients get the products they need when they need them without the burden of excess inventory.