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Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is an award-winning social enterprise which is a centre of ethical garment manufacturing with a leading status in the Fast Forward audit and is also SMETA audited.

FEL strives to be the centre of excellence for two key divisions, one for design, patterns, grading, production and one for education from their sites across London, Leicester and Wales.

Who is Fashion Enter?

FEL is considered by the industry to be an honest broker that understands the needs of garment manufacturers and retailers/brands, often supporting other manufacturers by representing them on business support organisations such as Make UK and AGM PPP.

FEL offers a diverse spectrum of products, ranging from comfortable jersey essentials like sweats and loungewear to crafted couture silk pieces. The Atelier specialises in premium garment production, handling orders of 200-499 units, which includes silk blouses, semi-tailored, and tailored items. Meanwhile, the Fashion Studio accommodates orders ranging from 1-199 units. Their esteemed clientele includes well-established names like Gormley and Gamble and Matthew Williamson, alongside numerous emerging brands.

FEL's academy the Fashion Technology Academy is recognised as a centre of excellence for vocational skills from Level 1-5 obtaining a Good by Ofsted. FEL wrote qualifications for the industry in both pattern cutting and stitching as current courses were not fit for industry purposes. FEL is the only company in Europe that has created a new fashion technology centre that showcases new manufacturing techniques and processes such as full transparency of the workforce with Galaxius.


FEL is the only company in Europe that has created a true fashion circulatory program through international collaborations.

  •  Style 3D - Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Style3D provides fashion with an end-to-end digital solution that seamlessly connects 3D product development, collaboration, showcasing, and production.
  • Kornit digital - Kornit, a global leader in on-demand sustainable fashion production, is shaping the future of fashion tech. They connect demand to supply, enabling brands and manufacturers to create a more sustainable planet.
  • Zund - Zünd's modular cutting systems are highly sought-after solutions for processing a wide variety of materials. Multi functional Zünd cutting solutions are used around the globe in many different applications.
  • United Repair Centre with Patagonia - URC are social pioneers on a mission to revolutionize the clothing industry. With a one-stop shop for circular solutions, they drive social and environmental impact, offering high-quality repair services and fostering local employment opportunities

FEL can offer one piece flow with no minimums. Other technology offered by FEL is  Optitex 3D, Telestia and Vetigraph offer industry a choice of software and fitting packages  

FEL actively sell dead stock online and predominantly use it for their in house labels B of London and Belles of London . In our stitching Academy, fabric offcuts and end of rolls is used for learners reducing waste and environmental footprint. 

FEL sources materials responsibly, purchasing fabric in Leicester, and support emerging designers by offering free fabric and trims. FEL facilities encourage sustainable transportation with bike racks and recycling through bins. FEL is state  mindful of our paper usage, actively reusing it.  

As members of the Higg index, we maintain a comprehensive sustainability ethos, actively contributing to positive change in the fashion industry.

Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical responsibility is the foundation of Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL). FEL is fully compliant with and adheres to the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act. FEL is an active and commited member of Make UK, and AGM PPP. We've introduced Galaxius to enable performance-related pay, a common industry practice that often combines hourly rates with piece rates. Galaxius brings transparency to this structure, making FEL the sole UK factory with leading status in the Fast Forward Audit. Our commitment to fair compensation and ethical labour practices is unwavering. 

Audits are central to FEL's ethical framework. FEL stands as the only UK company with leading status in both the ethical and technical Fast Forward audit, ensuring compliance with ethical and industry best practices. SMETA audits further affirm their ethical standards. 

FEL extends their ethical commitment to the local community by offering free stitching and pattern cutting courses to the unemployed or those on low incomes, promoting upskilling and new opportunities. Their partnership with Islington council reinforces our community dedication. They collaborate to offer free alteration services and upcycling workshops monthly, promoting sustainability and ethical consumer choices.

At FEL, their ethical policy is an active part of their daily operations. They are dedicated to creating a sustainable and ethical ecosystem, setting the standard for ethical practices in the fashion industry.

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