Huzhou Worldbest

Huzhou, China

Product Specialty

Light Woven

Huzhou WB is one of the oldest suppliers of cofounder Luke's, in his earlier ventures.

Located in the hub of "Silk Town", Huzhou has a 4,700-year history of silk making. Founded in 1992, Huzhou WB is known to hire locally so workers can stay close to their roots and their families. Traditionally, most factory workers live on the premise as home could be provinces away.

Huzhou Worldbest works with Lectra to produce agile, intelligent, and efficient processes from design to production. The company is ISO9001: 2000, OEKO-TEX STANDARD100, BSCI and other international authoritative quality certificated.

They currently supply clients in the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Italy and more. The company places quality and customer first for domestic and international brands to provide high-quality products and services.

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