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Knitup is the one-stop shop from design to on-demand knitwear apparel manufacturing solutions that deliver the ultimate customization experience through its digital service platform. With proprietary manufacturing technology, Knitup compresses traditional product development timelines, eliminates over-production, and creates a quick and waste-free cycle, at no MOQ and a production lead-time of just 3 weeks.

Who is Knitup?

Discover the world of custom knitwear with Knitup through its powerful Design Editor. The user-friendly design tool allows creators to customize and produce unique knitted garments and accessories. With extensive experience working with renowned fashion designers, creators, and artists, Knitup provides the know-how and resources that can bring creative knit visions to life. 

Experience the assurance of exceptional quality with Knitup. Backed by Fung Group, the world's largest supply chain manager for the apparel industry, and Cobalt Fashion, a specialist in knitwear manufacturing, Knitup is the expert in producing high-quality knitted products. Knits created via the Design Editor are crafted to perfection, meeting the standards of the industry's finest brands.


Knitup specialises in fully fashioned knitwear – created to form with no cutting wastes – which is the most sustainable apparel category. When it comes to sustainability, Knitup prioritizes minimizing overproduction to optimize environmental and social impact. This is achieved not only by eliminating minimum order quantities (MOQs), but also by making available highly detailed virtual samples based on production-ready data, allowing users to visualize their designs in real-time before confirming the production process. This reduces the need for multiple sample rounds and minimizes waste. Additionally, available material options each have sustainability credentials, ensuring a comprehensive approach to sustainability across their product range. 

Ethical Manufacturing

Knitup’s manufacturing facilities adhere to international standards such as BSCI or Sedex (SMETA). This reflects our commitment to safe workplaces, respect for fundamental rights, environmental resilience, and high standards of business transparency and ethics. Providing dignified work for machine technicians and factory workers is among Knitup’s top priorities. Not to mention, Knitup materials are sourced from reputable suppliers, including the world's leading sustainable standard for cotton and globally recognised wool and cashmere mills. To find out more, visit

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